Amande Haeghen


Glass painting

A late afternoon by the ocean, a morning breeze over the lake, the smell of moss at the corner of the forest … So many moments that it is impossible to take with one’s hands. Only the mind, in making the memory, grants eternity to that memory. Each painting represents one of these memories, a memory that is originally impalpable and abstract and which becomes posterity through sculpture.

In this work I tried to reproduce the work of painting by substituting pigments for coloured glass. Always in a closed circuit approach I use the glass scraps that I have in the workshop to create this palette of colours made of glass. My canvas is made of ceramic, as fragile as the memory it carries.





Louis Vuitton

A trunk that spans ages and eras, a material witness to immaterial events. Like a collector,
who exults the past and a painter who draws the future in an ever-moving collage.
200 years that remind us that against time no one can do anything. Times change, but certain things are immutable and run through the years with a strange robustness.
The realization of this passing time, sedimentation, a process in which particles of any matter gradually stop moving and come together in layers. These layers that are created, year after year, to form a universal memory, that of the earth and our imprint. So many thicknesses, like the pages of a book telling us the story, our story.
I am used to comparing life to a card game, and to consider each encounter as a card that is added to our game. With the hope of ending our adventure by having been able to collect as many cards as possible to have a plainty game. It is in this spirit of accumulating experiences and exchanges that I deeply believe. Without sharing and openness we learn nothing, we are nothing.
It is in parallel with this aggravation, this progressive accumulation, that I will draw my inspiration. Explore this idea of sedimentation of memory and mimesis of being and respond to this creative invitation. By creating my own accumulation, layers each bearing in turn the imprint of the previous one, by mixing materials such as earth, glass, metal, trunk’s pieces of wood. Thus giving birth to a structure reminiscent of that of the trunk and crystallizing this notion of time and imprint on the past but also on the future.


When earth and glass merge to create a new state. Like an abandoned chrysalis, it questions us about appearance and reflection. Who are we really behind the impressions and false pretenses.


Melancholic mist, a totem vase, a living sculpture that separates and assembles. When the clouds meet to draw a dream together.
Made of white stoneware and dark red hammered glass.

Side by side

Raw material as brass, stoneware, porcelaine, glass creating an imaginary horizon, exploring the intimacy of materiality.


Ceramic and glass collages on a wooden structure