Amande Haeghen


Mãe of glass

The “Mãe of Glass” are a universe of a thousand colors, summer with its turquoise, cobalt and green tones or autumn with its plum and copper tones.
To create these colors we decided not to use glaze but to reuse glass scraps from the Wandlamps collection. We had kept and stored each of our cuttings. Then we undertook a long work of research and experimentation of glass casting on ceramics to create our own palette of colors through mixtures, to the nearest glass dust.
At the meeting of water, earth, sky and the body as a perfect symbiosis between man and the elements.
Made of chamotte stoneware, a thick and granular clay like stone


The “Mãe” collection, “mother” in Portuguese, is an ode to motherhood and growing bellies. The light that nestles in the hollow of this thick volume draws us into a soft and comforting world. As many Mães as there are bodies whose imperfections become beautiful and a symbol of feminine strength. The Mães are sculptural but also delicate in their forms and soft to the touch. Made of chamotte stoneware, a thick and granular clay like stone in shades of beige, purple, terracotta….


The collection is illustrated through a variety of contrasting materials that merge into a sensual choreography of organic forms. They capture natural light during the day and transform into phantasmagorical objects that cast fascinating shadows at night. True luminous sculptures, they are made of a veil of porcelain, stoneware and glass. The waves of the porcelain are obtained from the imprint of my hands and those of the glass from the reflection of the light. An eternal movement that responds from material to material. Each print is unique, each undulation special, each sconce exceptional.
Wandlamp sconces seem to be suspended in the void and agitated by a light breeze. Its organic forms, made of stoneware, porcelain and glass freeze an imaginary movement and create the impression of floating in space.

Here everything is about purity and simplicity. It is the combination of the contrasting textures of raw stoneware, soft glass and timeless porcelain that creates this notion of balance and gives shape to the elusive.


The Irmão lamp is about to fall and yet it is immobile. Like a cloth, it rolls up on itself and collapses. Its material reminds us of its robustness and its movement of its fragility. Its light is soft, warm and directed.
Made of stoneware chamotte travertine, hand-sanded.
It measures between 30cm and 50cm high.

Table of Isola

Made of Estremoz marble & dark glass.

Like a memory of low tide in the ocean, its curves and hollows plunge us into the heart of an imaginary bay. Its organic lines, inspired by the imprint of the waves on the sand, contrast with the estremoz and smoked glass which are drawn in transparency and darkness.
The isola table is an ode to marine landscapes, organic and sensual.

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